Bike painting DIY

So I had this vision in my head that I needed a golden bike since I´m a golden girl myself and deserve all the shiny stuff 🙂


I´ve had this purple bike for many years now and I needed a change. Not an expensive bike by any means so painting it made so much sense to add some new value to it. In my eyes 🙂


We stripped my bike from all the bells and whistles and taped it up since we didn´t want to make the tires  and other parts golden. We used some flyers, tough paper towels and tape. I bought this spray paint from Canadian Tire. I thought it would be very cool to use it. I have never used spray paint before so it was twice as exciting. Turns out it is not as easy to use as I thought!!!


It took us about 30 minutes to complete our mission. And now I have a completely new bicycle!!!



I can´t wait for it to dry so I can go and show it off lol


This was a perfect challenge for my first spray paint job!

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