What kind of underwear do you have in your drawer?

How many different types of underwear do we girls have in our underwear drawer? I think I have 4 types.


TYPE 1. Your favourite pair(s).  I am sure we all have the most comfortable perfect pair we love to wear, the one we´d love to wear on a daily basis. We might have even bought a weeks worth of these. I have.

TYPE 2. The underwear that is a size too small and you don´t like to wear because your love handles will show, whether you want it or not….since it´s a size smaller. But you keep it for the days you run out of good underwear (type 1).

TYPE 3. The sexy underwear. The ones you only wear for special occasions. Probably lacy and red.

TYPE 4. The ugly underwear you used to think was cute. The ones with prints of cherries or teddy bears on it. You keep it because you still think it´s cute and can´t get rid of for emotional reasons. They are still cute but hardly sexy. Perfect to wear around the house, never leaves the house.


For years now, I have been a loyal client of Victoria´s secret. I am a very loyal client!

What is your favourite brand and how many types do you have?

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