Finding a HOUSE

I guess it was a year and a half ago when we decided to BUY a house. That made us so happy and excited, we spent countless hours of dreaming and talking about it! Oh….news flash….we are still looking for the perfect house AND are not as happy and excited we used to be. There have been many discussions, not in a friendly manner and sometimes I feel like it is ruining our relationship.

I have had like 5 big disappointing moments already, that totally just shattered my heart to the point I wanted to crawl into a corner and cry or disappear for awhile. I am not sure how many moments like these my heart can take.

BeFunky Collage

It is so hard to find that dream home on a budget. I have my own expectations of the house, my husband is pretty chill and basically would buy any house and then start renovating but I want the house to have good bones before we buy it. I have a house book where I have collected all my thoughts and “must have” lists.

Right now writing this blog post I feel like throwing up because the subject just makes me sick. I feel such a huge anxiety attack and stress coming over me.


I saw the most perfect house in January. It was THE HOUSE but buy the time we called our realtor, it was already sold. It had only been up for 2 days. I guess now every house we, actually I,  consider  has to measure up to that one. It was amazing!!!

Have you gone through a similar house hunting experience? I would love to hear about it!

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