Blog topic generator, spring and eating

I came across this blog post generator this morning. So funny. Never heard of it before. You just have to add 3 keywords and it will tell you what to write about.

blog 1

This is what I did, my random keywords were health, spring and women. Here is the result!

blog 2

I actually wanted to write about how funny it is that every spring there is this new found love for gym, exercise and health food 🙂 I drove past the gym last night and it was jam packed, all the Instagram post are filled with healthy food or gym pictures which is starting to get pretty annoying. It´s like the world as we knew it has come to an end.


I guess I have gone with the trend as well a little bit (not liking it one bit).  All my dinners are less or more healthier than usual and I will not have a dessert (TORTURE). I still have my pine nuts after dinner when I watch tv. And I have to say in our family TV is the evil. I just watch tv, sit and I have the need to stuff food in my mouth EVEN when I just finished dinner and I am stuffed. EVIL!!!   So to avoid over eating I just usually brush my teeth and go to bed 🙂 It´s a good trick 🙂 AND I will get all my 8 hours of beauty sleep!

I do my yoga every morning finally, but that is more for medical reasons that to look skinnier or form abs. I have a hip condition and without my exercises I would not walk pain free. It is a good motivator! 🙂

blog 3

I do walk a lot during the day. My usual work day has at least 10 000 steps in it and sometimes more. My body is used to it already so that is not exercise for me anymore.

Oh and my latest news – I stopped eating pork because of this little adorable piglet HANK that I saw on Instagram few days ago. Now I just want a little piglet (mini PIG) of my own and I have been having discussions with my husband on taking on the new friend 🙂 What do you think how that is going lol

But LOOK, isn´t he the cutest????

You will find more pictures and videos on INSTAGRAM   @mybestfriendhank

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