Emotional Trauma Is A Hair Hazard

Winter has always been the season when I feel the most down of all the seasons. I love the spring, summer and fall – so beautiful,  but not winter, I just can’t take the darkness and the cold. I am a sunshine girl! With all the cold and darkness I get all emotional. It affects me quite a bit, it is actually called Seasonal affective disorder or SAD.  And I know I am not the only one….

I have had all the hair colours possible in my life, I guess it means there has been a lot of changes and emotions in my life because every time something emotional happens I change my hair colour or I cut it off. I truly HATE cutting my hair but I always go with what the hairdresser suggests.  Their main pitch is that my hair is so damaged and I need an extensive haircut. I guess the most recent time that this has happened is when I really learned how much they like to cut hair. I regret it now. And yes, I have shed a tear or two over this.


Now, 4 months later I am still not happy with my decisions because my hair does not grow back quickly. To make matters worse, I coloured it RED. The colour that you can´t get out very easily. Now I am trying to grow it out and it is going to be a painful process….I really love long beautiful hair. It will take forever to recover from this one.

Why do we, women, do radical changes when we get depressed, break up with a boyfriend, divorce etc?


Is it that we a re trying to make a statement that we still have control or that we are taking back control? Are we trying to be somebody we are not? Are we trying to start over?

I don´t know.  I don´t have answers to either of these questions, BUT I do know that every time I do it, I regret it deeply and I swear I will never do it again until I do it again and regret it….



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