Burn Your Stomach Fat!!!

I have been saying that this year I won’t care about my weight and I will not stop myself from eating cake and other delicious meals….and there is some part of me  that is doing just that BUT unconsciously I think I am still watching my diet when things start to look a little floppy….I guess I can never really let myself go that much….


Burn Your Stomach Fat…….That is a title from an article I saw the other day and I was drawn to it. Maybe it was just one of these days I felt bad about myself and my weight and I really liked the recipe, everything on that recipe was awesome. Huge fan of prunes btw. I was curious about the taste and of course I wanted to know if that would really work…..

Ingredients you will need:

300 ml sour cream
1 tablespoons of oat flakes
1 teaspoon of grounded flax seeds
1 teaspoon cocoa powder
5- dried plums

Drizzle with a litter boiling water dried plums and cover it to stay for 10 minutes.

Then add the oat flakes, flax seeds and the cocoa in bowl. Pour the sour cream and stir well. Mix the ingredients well and put the mixture in the fridge.

I divided it into 3 portions because I started to question if it is actually “too good” to eat 300 ml of sour cream for one breakfast.


It is too thick to have it with a straw so I put them into little bowls and added some banana to it. It was delicious. And it really boosted my metabolism I can tell you that much!


In the evenings I have been eating salads. I think healthy eating comes naturally as soon as spring comes because of all the pounds we have gathered over the long cold winter. I know I eat more during the winter and then barely have an appetite in the spring time. But I will definitely get it back when the BBQ season rolls in!!!!


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