Yesterday I found out that “someone” has said something very bad about me that I honestly don’t think I deserve. I usually own my shit and don’t mind when they speak the truth, but this made me sick to my stomach. It also kept me up until 4 am last night.

A few years ago I decided that this particular person that said this does not exist to me any more.  This year was the first time I didn’t send a birthday card and I haven’t talked to that person in a very long time, and I wish to never speak to that person again. He doesn’t even deserve my hate, my anger or my sadness.

For a while I felt cleansed and happy, that was  until yesterday. And to some extent, I hate that it was brought up to me, and it should not have of at all. It is not relevant what that person thinks of me at all. It shouldn’t matter.

That person has caused pain to my family for years.  Actually more like since the day I was born.

So today I am trying to forget about it and just be happy and go back to where I was mentally before I heard this about me. I have so many good things going for me right now, and I really don’t need that bullshit right now!!!

Is it possible to unhear stuff though?

Any advice?

Has this happened to you?

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