How old are you?

While doing yoga this morning I looked at the Brie Bella (WWE Superstar, for motivation) poster on my wall and for some reason I thought she was much older than I am. I don´t know why or how these thoughts came but they did.  And then I kinda woke up from my dreams….

I am 36, will be 37 this summer. She is 33. She is not much younger but still younger.


In my mind, my age hasn’t changed since 28. I still feel I am around that age. Maybe it is because they still ask for my ID at the liqueur store or maybe because I do look younger than my age. Or maybe I am blocking my age from my mind?

I know the age number doesn´t really mean that much when you feel and act younger but still, I think it´ll be really hard to start saying 40 in a few years 🙂

How old do you feel?

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