I see the following situations daily basis and they annoy the fuck out of me.

Yesterday in the kids swim class, a mom came to watch her kid swim and the other kid (about 3 y o) stayed behind to watch. There is a railing between the pool area and the gallery where you can observe the class.

First thing, mom puts her feet up to the railing (what you are not suppose to do), takes out food and drinks, even though there is a huge sign that says “food and drinks not allowed“ and the next 30 minutes this is what I hear, like about 150 times at least. And this is not a joke.

Kid moves from her chair.

Mom yells about 3 times: Get back in your chair.

Kid looks at mom, laughs at her but eventually goes back to its chair.

5 seconds later kid moves again. Same thing happens. Mom threatens the kid with something and then kid goes back to its chair.

Same thing happens and happens and happens until I feel lucky because the swimming lesson ends and I can leave.

In the mean time, the kid who is with me, who is 2,5 years old, asks me several questions. Smart ones.

Why doesn´t the kid stay in her seat?  Why doesn´t she listen?

Why is the mom yelling? A few times, there is almost tears in her eyes because she feels horrified about how the mom yells.

And the same thing happens every week. And honestly I run out of explanations…..

I don´t know if I want to OD on birth control or if we should start sending adults to classes where they teach them to read and behave???

And this is one of the “mildest” stories I could tell…..

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