Ashley Iaconetti – my idol

I haven´t had too many idols in my life. When I was a teenager, I had poster of Backstreet Boys on my walls. I actually only liked The Backstreet Boys and Luke Perry. I don´t know if I was picky or I  just wanted to concentrate on these boys exclusivity.


Since I´ve grown up I have always admired Jack Nicholson, like seriously this man is so sexy to me I have no idea why. I so fell in love with him while watching “Anger Management” with Adam Sandler, that I do not kid you, I have watched this movie like 100 times for sure. It´s the funniest movie ever!!! If you haven´t seen this movie…..OMG, you should! I have watched his other movies but this is “the one”.

Also Vin Diesel and Bruce Willis but I think that was another blog post 🙂 Also about Bachelor as I recall. Funny.

Then there is Jennifer Aniston, I have read all the books, watched all the tv shows, movies. She is just so perfect and so relateable 🙂 And yes, I have tried her hairdos and all the products that she advertises. I was so upset when I heard the break up from Brad Pitt and I have been hating Angelina from that day forward….just for her 🙂

And now, Bachelor fan as I am, I have a girl crush on Ashley I 🙂 At first, the crying was just unbearable but then it grew on me and then Paradise and all that she represents, I like. Not the virgin part of course obviously because I lost my virginity a long before I got to be an adult.


Anyways, moving on, I have listened to her podcast while walking to work every Tuesday and I have never known anybody who is so honest, brutally honest. The topics in her podcast often make me wanna say “OMG I can´t believe somebody else has done that” and then blush. And some stuff I can´t even say out loud to myself when I´m home alone 🙂


I am glad somebody is voicing the stuff everybody has done and too scared/embarrassed to even admit it, let alone say it out loud or discuss it openly with somebody. I guess I have blurted out some stuff to my husband in a drunken state but not everything 🙂

If you are a woman you have to listen to it. Either you are married or not, virgin or not….. etc    It is just AWESOME! Can´t wait for Tuesday!!!!

I don´t get it PODCAST 

If you are not A Bachelor fan or don´t like girly talk, you might NOT GET IT!

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