Who cuts onions in your family?

“Honey, can I ask you a favour” I hear from the kitchen.

“Yes” I say

“Can you cut some onions for me” follows…..

This is a typical situation when hubby wants to use onions in one of his dinner ideas because like you know onions make you cry and your eyes get all weird and bittery/stingy.

But not my eyes. I don´t need to use any of the onion cutting tricks 🙂 Actually my secret is very simple, I wear contact lenses and I never shed a tear while cutting onions. I can literally cut the whole bag and not shed a single tear.   I love it!!!


And the science behind it (sounds very complicated):

Onions contain amino acid sulfoxides that form sulfenic acids in the onion cells. Both the enzymes and the sulfenic acids are kept separately in the cells. When you cut the onion, the otherwise separate enzymes start mixing and produce propanethiol S-oxide, which is a volatile sulphur compound that starts wafting towards your eyes. The gas that is emitted reacts with the water of your eyes and forms sulphuric acid. The sulphuric acid thus produced causes burning sensation in your eyes and this in turn leads to the tear glands secreting tears. Thus you end up with watery eyes every time you cut onions at homeSource

Contact lenses create a barrier between the irritant chemical sin-propantheal-S-oxide and the nerves of the cornea. Source 

  • ……..and the only time I´ve ever searched for a picture of chopped onions (my picture library) , I can´t find it !!!!!! Great!


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