Sleeping habbits

“You are fucking crazy” my husband said last night when I said I can´t sleep when the 2 blind ribs kept rubbing against each other.

I need to have noise in the room or outside in order to fall asleep, either the A/C going or train passing, sirens, dishwasher…. When it’s dead quiet I can hear a pin drop and it disturbs me and I can’t sleep. Also blinds moving, water dripping etc

I have tried the ocean sounds and the artificial rain sounds but my mind knows, it is not real and it just makes me agitated and I can’t sleep 🙂


One time when we rented a cabin in the woods, and it was in the deep woods, I am not kidding,  no neighbors, just ton of trees. I could not sleep for the entire time we were there, for a week. I sat up at night like an owl. I could hear the pine cones falling on the roof, the little critters outside, the wind….everything. I was also terrified of the wildlife marching in 🙂


*my dog taking over my pillow

So, most of the nights our A/C is on full steam or I will run a dishwasher just before bed. And sometimes I am still awake at 2 am and I can’t sleep. But once I fall asleep, then all is good in the world….

Do you fall asleep fast?


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