Would you divorce someone over weight gain?

I happened to see this very disturbing article at The Globe and Mail yesterday. Very disturbing.

Monday, February 27th, 2017, page L4 in theLife and Arts section. Somebody is whining that his wife has gained an extra 80 pounds and he wants a divorce because of it!!!! OMFG

It made me mad that somebody even asked that. Then some ugly dude from the newspaper answered it and they printed the whole thing???? The person who asked the question has some serious issues about himself!!! And I´ll say the woman is better off without that shallow human being.


I’m not overweight, I have been married for 7 years now and maybe gained 4 pounds or so but my husband who was super skinny when we got married has gained about 12 pounds. Not a lot compared with 80, right! Has it ever crossed my mind to divorce him because of that??? Hell no! Have I given him an ultimatum to loose weight? No. Have I taken away the dinner plate filled with nice greasy dinner rolls? No. And even if he´d gain an extra 30 pounds he will still be the same person.

He has a nice beer belly right now, I have never thought that I love him any less. On the other hand weight gain is a very depressing event for me but not for him. We just emptied his closet few weekends ago and had to buy bigger clothes. His approach was “I was too skinny before, now I look just right” . And I envy him for his attitude. I wish I could gain 10 pounds without any guilt but I am built different. 4 pounds for me equals a catastrophe. It would be kind of life and death situation.

Anyways….back to the article….you can find it here and raise some hell!!!


  • this is David Eddie btw

I really hate the way people judge each other.  Why can´t we just all get along??? I really hate the award season when some “fashion experts” have their opinion about “THE worst dressed”.  Who gives them the right to judge???

Would you divorce your wife/husband over a weight gain?

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