Shrove Tuesday buns

Estonians (actually Canadian Estonian) usually celebrate Vastlapäev  (Shrove Tuesday) by going tobogganing, if there is snow, of course,  and this year it looks like it will be 6 degrees celcius. No winter activities what so ever. We eat whipped cream buns and eat pea soup. This year it’ll be on February 28 th – tomorrow.


In Canada it is called Pancake Tuesday or Pancake day! You can probably guess what the tradition here is gonna be 🙂

I guess I put two celebrations into this weekend- 99 th anniversary of Estonia (Feb 24) and Shrove Tuesday and made some whipped cream buns to celebrate.


It is a hassle to make buns, dinner rolls or anything with yeast really, It takes forever so I have been avoiding it for months but I really wanted to make these buns this year. I found a good vegan recipe. Not that I am vegan but this recipe that sounded so much healthier than any other one.


Oh they came out so good!!!! Next time I will try to make cinnamon buns with this recipe!

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