Bachelor and Bachelorette and Corinne

A few years back, our family got obsessed with Bachelor and Bachelorette. You know the show where you can´t submit your application if you are overweight, ugly and have bad hair??? And all the girls there, beautiful, skinny and with perfect hair, they seems to have one thing in common. They can´t find a man in real life.  On the men’s side, it looks like they make exceptions because there have been a bunch of unattractive men. But then again, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  I have my Vin Diesel and Bruce Willis type.  I like my men bald.


That (the hotness) has been bugging me from the moment ( eeeessss oookei , season aka Juan Pablo)  I started watching this show.  What the hell? How is that possible that they can’t find a man IRL? Like I said perfect teeth, hair, butts and other pieces….


Why do I watch it? It´s very entertaining.  Last season I even entered a bracket and won. I have to say I really love spoilers too 🙂 You see all these sad stories and you feel better about yourself, and you pick up some good material along the way, to use in social settings, like:

„Eeeeeeees ooookeii „ by Juan Pablo , Juan Pablo Season : I use it all the time

„Deep Intellectual things are my jam“   by Olivia Caridi, Ben´s Season : I use it all the time as well, priceless!

„Villains gotta vill“  by JJ and Clint on Kaitlyn Season : I have used that as well but not as often as I´d want to because I don´t vill as much as I used to.

And oh…..Nick season that is on right now, I have an envious  relationship with Corinne. Seriously, I mean you have to envy a girl who has a platinum vagine, has a nanny and a huge walk-in closet. I mean I hate her 🙂

I´d love a nanny. And maybe a driver.  And a private plane, my own island and some other cool stuff. Wouldn´t mind a platinum vagine….I just wonder if she painted it platinum or was she born with it. And yeah, that walk in closet. My dream.


I just can´t deal with rich spoiled brats who think they own the place. Maybe I´ll be an asshole too if I´d had a lot of money, who knows? Or maybe she was just playing it up for the  cameras since she is an aspiring actress and all.

Also, all that trashiness is sometimes hard to watch. I think I would of approved it in my own young age but I don´t any more. Maybe it´s just because my own standards have changed….

I can talk about Bachelor/Bachelorette all day…I just wanted to say couple words about the golden heart girl.

I have to say my all time favourite woman is Ashley Iaconetti! Well played, well played!!! I love her! Secretly of course….and I listen to her podcasts! So funny! So good!


And for those who have no idea what I am talking about:


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