Higher Perspective

It’s a website I discovered while my husband was away on business and I could not sleep. I can’t remember how I got there but I was glued to it for the next 3 hours.

So many good articles and so much funny/cool tests, like “Determine your emotional age” , “How good are you at psychology”, ” Are you OCD, Anal or just a perfectionist” or “Are you a psychopath” . Also a lot of logic and math tests.higher

Although I did most of the tests, I was also very interested in their articles! I have to share – I have just recently successfully passed a psychology course so here is my interest (so proud of myself). Actually it’s been one of my big interest all my life, since I can remember actually!

So some of the headlines, that might get you interested:

If you have THIS blood type, you might have alien DNA.

This is what happens to your body after you skip showers for just two days.

9 types of pain that are directly linked to your emotions.


Anyways, go and check it out yourself! I loved it! Not a lot of new content daily but lots to read and tests to do!


Enjoy and you’re welcome!


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