The Mill Restaurant & Pub

I like to discover nice little cities in Ontario and have a nice good lunch while we are in our discovery trips.

Few weeks back we drove to Cobourg, a nice little city that reminds me of Haapsalu, which is a similar to a little city in Estonia.

Cobourg is a town in the Canadian province of Ontario, located in Southern Ontario 95 kilometres east of Toronto and 62 kilometres east of Oshawa. It is the largest town in and seat of Northumberland County with the population of 18,519. It’ s actually the cutest city I have seen so far in Ontario and makes me so happy every time we go there. One day I would like to call it my home town!


Cobourg also has the best ice cream shop I know – Harbourlight Delights. They have 50 different flavours of soft serve among other ice creams. WOW! I was so amazed! If you ever happen to go there – ENJOY!!! Unfortunately it was closed the last time when we went there but that is ok because we planned to go to eat a good lunch anyways.


The Mill Restaurant & Pub

We were the first restaurant customers there, there is also a pub downstairs.

The interior design so to speak wasn´t anything special, minimalistic  but nice and cozy. Menu was good, lots to choose from and the waitress answered all my million questions without getting upset 🙂


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