How to find a good name for your blog?

How to find a seriously good blog name? It was a struggle, my previous blog was called because I was a food blogger (I brought all the recipes with me, please, take a look).  But with my food intolerances and allergies I kinda grew out of it because I couldn´t make food like I used to.  When you are gluten intolerant, instead of using one kind of flour, you have to use more that 3 different ones to get a good batter and all that took all the joy out of it. Cooking wasn´t joyful or fun anymore.

I loved to bake, sometimes I got up at 6 am and baked a batch of cookies before going to work.  Just for the fun of making cookies.  I must confess I don´t really like sweets that much. Most of the cookies I just gave away or threw out.


Back to the name search…..I went online to search how to find a good blog name, especially when your brain is completely empty of stuff, no ideas at all. My husband supported me with this struggle and came up with  . I kinda got stuck with this name, it was in my head and I couldn´t come up with any better name than that.

I did a google search and it bothered me a little that there were lady bits and pieces images in the search result and I started wondering what kind of audience that would attract?

And then  EUREKA! Get personal! Think of a couple keywords that describes you…or a subject that really speaks to you right now!

I think I am going through my midlife crisis right now and I started thinking …how about hermidlifecrisis? but then….at the same time, I do love all spiritual stuff and I have read a ton of books about afterlife so I thought of switching to SOUL CRISIS. I might have soul crisis.


And 100 dollars poor-er I had my domain bought!


How did you find your blog name?

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