Rhubarb cake

I had a job interview this afternoon. I am extremely happy with the job that I´m starting in June but this opportunity presented itself, practically fell from the sky 🙂 I thought I would go in and see how it is to be interviewed in English, in Canada 🙂 That was my first interview here … Continue reading Rhubarb cake

Happy Easter

I was looking at the cooking fails images on Pinterest today, where expectations and reality are completely different things. When you are creating art with food, you need a lot of practice (and patience). Well, I do anyways! If I get lucky, I'll get it right the first time! Over the years I have had … Continue reading Happy Easter

Spring bread

The calendar says its spring, but when you go outside you still need to wear a lot of layers, at least here in Toronto, Canada! I dream of warm weather. I dream of sunshine. I dream of wearing dresses. I dream of picnics 🙂 First of all, I wanted to submit this post to Gastropost, … Continue reading Spring bread