Happy Thanksgiving

There was just two of us today for our Thanksgiving dinner, plus Missy, our cute puppy – our little family,  but we thought it should still be a feast! 😉 And at least a few weeks we don´t need to cook dinners or lunches. There – first reason to be thankful about 🙂

RSP_1020There will be no recipes in this blog post, just nice pretty pictures!

We bought a 5 kg bird, made our own cornbread stuffing, made spinach crust pie with potato-sweet potato filling.

RSP_0878RSP_0943RSP_0892Rob made a nice meat pie.


RSP_1016Preparations started early in the morning and we were ready to eat at 6pm. It was a fun day, full of cooking and goofing around in the kitchen.


RSP_1015And for dessert we had a very delicious banana-pumpkin pie!

RSP_0848RSP_1037What did you cook for thanksgiving?

8 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving

    1. It was turkey and yes, Missy got a little bit 😉 haahaa and yes, Santa Maria is from Estonia. I can not live without these spices, especially not without the potato spice 🙂


  1. I always try to imagine how it is like during Thanksgiving. As an asian living in Singapore, I don’t think I really have once experience the “real” Thanksgiving! It is so nice to read that both of you spend such lovely time together in the kitchen!

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