These cookies are so fun to make and I think they look very cute as well! Very chewy and even when you don't like the texture of coconut, you will still love these cookies. It's proven 🙂 They kinda grow on you, when you're not hooked after the first one, you can't stop eating them … Continue reading Fudge-aroons


These cookies have a very fun name and they taste awesome as well. We finished these cookies so fast that I think I should go on a diet now 😀 They have the most amazing after taste a cookie could have, coffee-ish taste if that makes any sense 🙂  Yield: 8-9 dozen cookies *I only … Continue reading Butter-scotchies

Bibimbap my way

The other day I bought bean sprouts and snow peas and I wanted to do something Korean. I put 2 of these into the google search and that's what I got - Bibimbap. Interesting I thought and shared my discovery with Rob. He said "So that's what that is....I've seen it on menus". And so … Continue reading Bibimbap my way